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Responsible Business Model Canvas (RBMC)

The Responsible Business Model Canvas (RBMC) is a business modeling tool that incorporates in-depth thinking about the imperatives of sustainable development.

It is the reference for anyone wishing to plan the creation of a business, or more generally a project, while respecting the economic, social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

This tool was jointly developed by the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur le développement de l’esprit d’entreprendre et de l’entrepreneuriat and the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur l’engagement social of the Faculty of Business Administration at Université Laval.

To fill in the editable canvas, it is better to save a copy on your computer, rather than filling the canvas in your browser.


With the help of this video, learn how to properly use the responsible business model matrix. Among other things covered are:

  • The structure of the canvas
  • The suggested order of completion
  • Explanation of each boxes
  • Concrete examples of canvas application
  • Useful additional ressources
  • The post-canvas


Thank you to the partners who supported the reflection, development, approval and application of the Responsible Business Model Canvas.

Corporation de développement économique communautaire de Québec
Entrepreneuriat ULaval
Laboratoire en innovation ouverte
Pôle CN
Ville de Québec